When you join the Brewvment™, you take a stand.  You take a stand against the commercialization of craft beer.  You take a stand against giant beer companies who want to take the personality and uniqueness out of craft brewing.

Across America, an estimated 1.2 million people are already brewing their own beer at home using more natural fermentation and carbonation techniques which create craft beers that cost less and taste better.

The Brewvment™ is a community of homebrewers, new and experienced, who want to share their knowledge to help others craft the best beer possible.  We are a community dedicated to creating new, exciting recipes, developing new techniques and equipment and exploring the hidden wonders that craft brewing can offer.

The Brewvment™ is powered by Beer & Wine Hobby.  For over 45 years, our family-run homebrew supply shop has been a safe haven for new and experienced brewers alike.  We believe that homebrewing is an ever-expanding craft which enables people to test the limits of their creative imaginations.  We understand that entering the homebrewing world seems daunting, and that the research, cost, and terminology can be intimidating.  “The Brewvment™ is meant to educate new and experienced brewers in a community setting in which members can ask questions, give advice and participate in open discussion in order to grow the craft.”

– Gennaro Cataldo, Owner – Beer and Wine Hobby

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